The name KRATOR was derived from ‘impact crater’ - the visible depressions left on the surface of planets and moons. Impact craters are caused by the high-velocity impact of a meteorite crashing into the face of a planet. The same kind of forceful impact and visible change our products will have on the face of the consumer audio and gaming industry. What makes it different? KRATOR is a brand with attitude, especially focus on innovation and creative. KRATOR turns product into a design with aesthetic and imagination to fit into your daily life.

Our speakers and headphones incorporate the latest in acoustic science with innovative design to deliver high-fidelity sound and looks. Gaming devices are designed to fit the way people play, and take game control and response to a whole new level. We believe that KRATOR would change your perspective of audio and gaming. KRATOR makes speakers, headphones and game devices for full impact and imagination.

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